Friday, 9 September 2011

New! Coupon Code

Voila! Here is the new, special and printable coupon code. I have designed it so it can be printed out and brought along to any Craft Fairs I am attending, but it can also be used online on my Etsy shop by typing the coupon code into the coupon section at checkout. 

I shall make sure to add a list of all the Craft Fairs I will be holding stalls at, so as you can use the coupon code and recieve a lovely discount on ALL my products.

Please be aware that the coupon can only be used once, but can be used to buy multiple items. If you bring it to the craft fair you must hand the coupon over and I will deduct the 10% from your total. Please try and bring the actual coupon and not just the coupon code to the craft fairs.
This code can be used on ALL my products both at fairs and online via 

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