Saturday, 15 October 2011


This week I bought myself a new screen as I'm developing a new pattern :) But as the pattern isn't yet finished I thought I'd try out some stenciling.
I just drew my designs onto some thin card, cut them out with a craft knife and stuck them onto my screen with some masking tape. Its pretty simple, and you could do this without the screen! Just draw your design onto some acetate, cut out with a craft knife and dab some printing inks or paint over the stencil with a brush. There are plenty of tutorials for stenciling all over the internet!

Here's a peek at what I printed!

As you can see, the ink is still wet, and should dry a bit darker and be a bit more bold, as it seems a little lost on the floral fabric...

Its such a good way of making a one off product, or for updating a tshirt or dress!

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