Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tidy Studio

I've spent the last two days rearranging, sorting out and tidying my little studio.

Here's a couple of photos of how it was before... (Pretty squished and messy..)

And here's how it looks now! (Much tidier, spacious and less squished!)

My printing work table is now at the side of my room, rather than in the middle which has given me so much more room to move around! It feels like a much nicer space to work in now :)
I also have an old wardrobe filled with vintage clothing that will be added onto Refound Relics next week! I intend to paint the wardrobe with blackboard paint so that it can become part storage, part notice board.
I've added vintage floral curtains under my desk to hide away the junk... They are only held up by string at the moment, but I will change that at some point and hang them better... :)
Also that bit of table cloth on the left of the last photo needs to be stapled back onto the underside of the soon as I can actually remember where I put the staple gun....hmmm

1 comment:

  1. I am so jealous of your work space! It's hard for me to cram my things into a dorm room and have room to work. But as you've shown, a little reorg can really open up an area!