Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Big Studio Clear Out...

I'm having a giant clear out of my studio this weekend..and probably next week too, I have so much stuff!! The reason for this is that we are moving to Manchester soon! My boyfriend has been offered a job so we're trying to get rid of lots of stuff so we don't have too much to take when we move... We're also going to be downsizing, at the moment we live in a little two bedroom house, but we will be moving into a tiny one bed flat.... We have definitely got way too much stuff for a flat!!

To help with the clear out I am selling off lots of new and vintage fabric remnants on Ebay, (I found 8 boxes of fabric under the bed!!) I'm also having a big sale on Refound Relics, I may put most of the vintage bits on sale...They're tricky to move as some of them are quite fragile.. So keep an eye out on Refound Relics for some great bargains!

Vintage fabric remnant bundle on Ebay

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