Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Moving House Sale

We're moving up to Manchester in around a month, so to help make it easier and to get rid of more stuff, we are having a MASSIVE sale on Refound Relics! Absolutely everything in the shop is now in the sale and loads of items are under £5.00! If there's still lots left before we move I will be taking it off the shop and putting it on Ebay, just to get rid of it all!

Here are a few goodies that are now in the sale :)

Vintage Floral Tins £5.50

Vintage Biscuit Jar £10.00

Vintage Stoneware Tea Pot £5.00

Pair of Industrial Funnels £5.00

Vintage Mechanical Pencil Sharpener £3.00

Vintage Doily £1.50

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