Friday, 3 August 2012

Our trip to the South West - Part 1

Last week me and Tom went down to Wiltshire to stay with my family, we had such a great time, the weather was amazing! A nice change from the cold and rain we seem to have all the time up in Manchester...

Pretty vegetable garden!

Very cute bakery

Just post the money through the letter box!

We went with my two sisters, Georgia and Grace, to stay at our Dad's for a few days, we had a BBQ and a little trip to Lacock. It's so pretty there, pretty much the whole village is owned by the National Trust, meaning everything is beautiful! My favourite thing about Lacock is the variety of things you can buy from outside peoples houses. They all had little tables with a selection of bits for sale, some had flowers, home grown veg and handmade crafts. All had these signs saying to just stick the money through the letterbox, very charming! We bought two very tasty round, yellow courgettes which we turned into veggie kebabs for the BBQ.

Look at that blue sky!!!!

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