Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Our trip to the South West - Part 3

While we were staying at our Dad's house, we had a little trip into Bath. We had a lovely time wandering around the shops, then the boys got bored and wandered off, it took a while to find them again... Rob had a go in a strange, teeny tiny car and Georgia and Grace tried on very round sunglasses in Urban Outfitters.  

The super duper Rolo birthday cake!
Georgia (left) and Grace (right)

Rob in the teeny tiny car

 During our trip down to Wiltshire, it was my birthday! It was on the same day as the Olympic Opening Ceremony, so we made cocktails and watched the ceremony for a bit, which was quite impressive, but so long! We managed to stay awake until the 'P' section of the Olympic Teams going around then we had to call it a day.
During the day we went on the train to Salisbury, we went into lots of charity shops, Georgia got a lovely vintage skirt for £1! Bargain of the day :)
We had a super duper Rolo birthday cake, made by Georgia! It had caramel in the middle, there was some leftover at breakfast, so as it was my birthday, I had digestive biscuits with caramel and mini marshmallows on top! Mmmm

Waiting for the train to Salisbury

Me and Tom

Cute station details

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