Monday, 8 October 2012

Moving House

Next weekend we are moving house, yet again...

I'm looking forward to moving, we'll have a lot more space than we have at the moment. We'll also have a huge garden, in which I have lots of plans for planting vegetables!

At the moment I have been thinking about ways to decorate and make the place feel all homely. I've been busy saving lots of ideas, DIY's and inspiration on Pinterest. Here are just a few of them...

I love the idea of having a wall or corner of hanging succulents, this DIY from Lovely Indeed is great for decorating and hanging plant pots.

We have a lot more wall space in the new house, so this Wall Hanging DIY from Poppytalk looks like a fun way of filling the space.

I am useless at storing my jewellery, it always ends up in a big tangle, so I might have a go at making something similar to this DIY Jewellery Holder I found on Julie Ann Art (I can't find the actual tutorial on the blog though...).

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