Monday, 13 May 2013

A Quick and Simple DIY

Today I've got a quick and simple upcycled jewellery DIY for you!

As we're packing our stuff away and sorting through what we want to keep when we move to Nottingham, I came across a few old necklaces that I realised I hadn't worn since moving to Stoke. So in a burst of creativity I thought I could upcycle them into necklaces that I would wear and that are perhaps more my style currently.

The necklaces I found were big, bulky beaded ones, perfect for chopping up and revamping!

You will need:

- A selection of old beaded necklaces
- Thread or something to thread the beads onto, in my case I used some black waxed cotton cord
- Jump rings
- Any kind of jewellery pliers or small pliers
- Scissors

- First start by cutting up your old necklaces and saving the beads -

- Next pick your beads and arrange them how you'd like them on the necklace -

- Cut your thread/cord to your desired length, then thread the beads on -

- Choose to do either a simple knot -

- OR -

- A fancy end, I used a big jump ring, I think they are 12mm with two of those cord end thingys. As my necklaces were all quite long I chose not to use a clasp, but if you prefer to do shorter ones you can easily fix a lobster clasp onto the ends with a little jump ring -

And thats it! Very easy, very quick and a good use of old jewellery!

Below are a few more that I made too!

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